Praxis für physikalische Schmerztherapie ohne Medikamente

Practice for physical Pain Therapy without Medication

Heel spur with the radial shock wave

Shock wave treatment is also increasingly used for the so-called heel spurs. Here, too, the shock waves are generated via the device described. The waves are then generated over the previously detected heel spur and transmitted through the tissue toward the heel.
As soon as the waves hit the heel, the heel spur also begins to vibrate and, analogous to kidney stones and calcifications, to such an extent that the stability of the heel spur is reduced. The progressive degradation of the calcaneal spur occurs, which consequently loses size and causes less discomfort in addition.
In addition to the mechanical properties, such as the instability caused by the shock wave treatment, there are also some other effects that ensure that the discomfort regresses.
One of these is the stimulation of repair mechanisms, which are primarily based on the formation of new blood vessels.
Furthermore, nerve cells are also made "less sensitive" as soon as they are hit by shock waves. As a result, pain is no longer perceived as strongly.
However, the effect is quickly reversed over time, and the nerves increasingly begin to resume stimulus transmission, which can lead to a normal sensation of pain.